5 Best Bavarian Trends for Women this Winter

If you are looking for Bavarian clothing for sale, you’ve come to the right place. The Bavarian region is an area located in the southern part of Germany. Its traditions and cultures extend throughout Austria and parts of Northern Italy. Bavarians, best known for their beer, are also artisans in food and fashion.

In winter, you’ll find plenty of natural textiles and fabrics. Traditional clothing protects and provides warmth, with a strong focus on quality and comfort. These are clothes made to last for generations.

Wool is a popular and versatile material. It is used in many winter pieces–from cardigans to scarves, hand mittens, socks, and jackets. Even though every season will bring new trends and changes to the fashion scene in Bavaria, there are some classic modes that never go out of style.

The following five winter Bavarian trends are practical on many occasions and are among our top picks for best wool coats for women. Which one will you be packing in your winter wardrobe?

1. Austrian Overcoats: The Mixed and Matched Look

Austrian and Bavarian styles are versatile this winter season. You might see a shearling aviator jacket with woolen trim on the inside, but the structure made of faux or real leather. This is a classic example of Bavarian clothing. True to tradition, but applying more modern trends to the classic woolen coat.

2. The Cozy 100 Percent Wool Coat

Dressing for a date or night at the theater? A vintage “Plüschjacke” is typical for Bavarian women to wear year after year. Pair a short waist-trim cozy plush jacket or coat with a woolen skirt and leather boots, or over a maxi dress. It is sure to keep you warm and cozy on a crisp winter evening. These cozy fittings come in a wide array of colors. The main palettes of Fall and Winter tend to natural and warm hues such as whiskey browns and olive greens.

3. The Elegant Trim Luxury Wool Coat

Some luxury wool coats this season will feature the wool trimming only on the collar and sleeves of the coat. This is essential for the business traveler or woman who moves around a lot. It is elegant and on-trend without being too bulky on top of all your other luggage. A perfect example of this is the Lascona, a coat which combines elements of Austrian and Bavarian “trachten” heritage with a modern approach.

4. Understated Chic Wool Coat for Women

A boiled wool jacket is perfect for both formal and casual wear. If you expect to attend a lot of winter events this year, always have one tucked into your wardrobe plan. The Florentina full-length is great for wearing over evening dresses. Its authentic Müller bone buttons add that subtle flair.

5. The Regal Look

If you can pull it off, try another winter trend: the warm and flowing cape. Made of warm and cozy material, the fabric should not feel too heavy when worn on chilly evenings. The cape is perfect for a stroll in a snow-swept park, or while heading to an Alpine resort.

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